Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hot Cocoa and a Treat

Today has been freakishly warm. 55 degrees in Western New York. In December. I love it! So of course, on this beautiful sunny day, I've been craving hot cocoa like it's going out of style. I ran over to the local grocery store and was shocked to see that they now carry Almond+Plus milk. This stuff is so tasty. It doesn't taste too much like almonds, so I use it in sweet and savory dishes alike. It's one of the few milks out there that I'll pour a straight glass of and drink. Good stuff!

I had some Archer Farms Dark Hot Cocoa mix from Target on hand, and mixed the two together. Exactly what I was looking for!  A creamy, rich, chocolaty cup of happiness on a not-so-chilly day. Mmmm!

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