Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mayonnaise: To go vegan or not?

Let's face it people. We're Americans, we eat mayonnaise. There are so many recipes out there that call for mayonnaise, that it's hard to find a household out there without a jar in the fridge. Of course, that also begs the debate of which is better: Hellman's or Miracle Whip? Before you get too caught up in defending your brand to the death, let me ask this: How do you feel about vegan mayonnaise?

I have to admit, I've hated most of the ones that I've tried. They tend to be bland, oily and a little slimy. Not what you want in a food. While there are good brands out there, they aren't always easy to find, and I don't necessarily want to invest the money it would take to try a little of each kind just to find one I like.

My solution is to just make my own. It's easier than you'd think. You can be all hard core and whisk everything together by hand if you want, but I use a blender. My blender is my friend. Here's what you'll need:

3/4 cup soy milk (or almond, cashew, oat... Use what you love)
1.5 Tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp prepared mustard or ground mustard seed
3/4 cup olive oil (you can use any neutrally flavored oil. Again, use what you love)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Put the soy milk, lemon juice and mustard in a blender and turn the blender on at the lowest constant speed. Let it run for a few seconds to blend and then slowly drizzle the oil in. The mixture will thicken as it emulsifies. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can keep this for a week covered in the refrigerator.

Give this a try and then come back and let me know what changes you make to the recipe (try it with cayenne or a little dill!) and what else you use it for (ranch dressing anyone?)


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